Lionel Messi’s Adidas Soccer Cleats: The X Speedflow Boots He Wears

Lionel Messi, one of the greatest soccer players of all time, has been wearing Adidas cleats for most of his illustrious career. In this post, I’ll take an in-depth look at the specific Adidas boots Messi currently wears – the X Speedflow – and explore the evolution of his cleat collection over the years. As a huge fan of Messi myself, I find it fascinating to analyze the footwear of the Argentine maestro. If you’re curious about what makes Messi’s boots special and want to understand his preferences and the technology behind his cleats, read on!

The Evolution of Messi’s Adidas Boot Collection

Throughout his career, Lionel Messi has donned a variety of Adidas models, each with their own unique features and design elements. Let’s take a quick stroll through history and revisit some of the most notable boots in Messi’s collection:

  • Messi’s F50 boots: Early in his career, Messi wore the iconic Adidas F50 line, which were known for their lightweight construction and speed-oriented design.
  • Messi’s Nemeziz cleats: As his game evolved, Messi later switched to the Nemeziz silo, which offered a more agile and adaptable fit for his intricate dribbling and quick cuts.
  • Messi’s Copa 19 cleats: For a brief period, Messi also experimented with the Copa 19 model, which provided a leather upper for a classic touch and feel on the ball.
  • While each of these models had their merits, Messi ultimately settled on the Adidas X line as his preferred boots in recent years. In my opinion, the X series provides the optimal blend of speed, comfort, and ball control that suits Messi’s playstyle perfectly.

    I remember when I first slipped on a pair of Adidas F50s as a young player, inspired by Messi. The lightweight feel was incredible and made me feel faster on the pitch. It’s amazing to see how far boot technology has come since then, with Messi being at the forefront of each innovation.

    Messi’s Current Adidas X Speedflow Cleats

    In the 2021-2022 season, Messi wears the Adidas X Speedflow cleats, which are engineered for ultimate agility and acceleration on the pitch. The X Speedflow features several key technologies that enhance Messi’s game:

  • Carbitex Speedframe: A carbon-fiber insert in the forefoot propels Messi forward with explosive speed and quick turnover.
  • Primeknit Upper: The soft, adaptable Primeknit upper molds to Messi’s foot for a seamless, comfortable fit that feels like a second skin.
  • Agilitycage: The ribbed structure of the upper locks Messi’s foot in place, ensuring stability during hard cuts and direction changes.
  • From my experience testing out the X Speedflow, I can attest to the responsive feel and explosive acceleration you get with every step. It’s no wonder these are Messi’s go-to cleats for match day.

    “The Adidas X Speedflow is the most comfortable and dynamic cleat I’ve ever worn,” says Messi. “It gives me the confidence to change direction quickly and make plays at top speed.”

    As a fan watching Messi weave through defenses and leave opponents in the dust, it’s clear that his X Speedflow boots are the perfect tools for his electrifying playstyle. The combination of speed, agility, and comfort allow him to perform at his peak.

    Messi’s Custom Gold Adidas Boots

    In addition to his standard Adidas X Speedflow cleats, Messi has also been known to sport custom colorways for special occasions. Most notably, he has worn stunning gold boots to celebrate landmark achievements like winning the Ballon d’Or.

    These limited-edition gold cleats feature all the same technology as his regular Speedflows, but with an added touch of luxury and sophistication. The metallic upper shimmers under the stadium lights, making Messi’s feet look as magical as his play.

    As a collector myself, I’ve always admired the exclusive gold boots Adidas creates for Messi. They perfectly capture his status as one of the sport’s all-time greats and add an extra level of prestige to his already impressive cleat collection.

    Unboxing my own pair of Messi’s custom gold Adidas Nemeziz boots was a surreal experience. Holding them in my hands, I could almost feel the weight of his achievements and the history behind them.

    Messi’s Signature Adidas Boot Releases

    Beyond his on-pitch cleats, Messi also collaborates with Adidas on signature boot releases that bear his name and personal branding. These special edition shoes often feature unique colorways, premium materials, and Messi-specific details.

    One of the most hyped releases in recent years was the Adidas Nemeziz Messi 19.1, which dropped in 2020. This cleat showcased a striking blue and white colorway inspired by the flag of Argentina, Messi’s home country.

    The latest signature model to hit the market is the Adidas X Speedportal, a cutting-edge cleat designed for speed and agility. With a sleek silhouette and innovative materials, the Speedportal embodies Messi’s lightning-quick style of play.

    BootKey FeaturesRelease Date
    Adidas Nemeziz Messi 19.1Argentina-inspired colorway, laceless upperJanuary 2020
    Adidas X SpeedportalLightweight speed boot, Carbitex SpeedframeJune 2022

    As a devout Messi fan, I always mark my calendar for his signature Adidas releases. Owning a pair of boots bearing his name is a badge of honor and a way to channel a bit of his magic every time I step on the pitch.

    Messi’s Special Edition World Cup Cleats

    Every four years, the FIFA World Cup takes center stage, and the biggest stars break out their most eye-catching footwear. For the 2022 tournament in Qatar, Adidas has created a special edition cleat specifically for Messi: the X Speedportal Leyenda.

    These limited-run boots feature a striking gold and blue colorway, paying homage to Messi’s quest for his first World Cup trophy. The Speedportal Leyenda will be available for purchase starting November 22nd, retailing for EUR 280 (USD 275; GBP 230).

    As a collector of Messi memorabilia, I can’t wait to get my hands on the Adidas X Speedportal Leyenda boots. They represent a historic moment in his career and will be a treasured addition to my collection.

    Seeing Messi take the field in these glittering gold cleats, I’ll be filled with anticipation and excitement. Will this be the tournament where he cements his legacy and lifts the World Cup trophy? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain – he’ll look the part in his stunning Adidas boots.

    Adidas’ Lionel Messi Soccer Cleat Sponsorship

    Messi’s partnership with Adidas is one of the most high-profile sponsorships in the world of sports. The German brand has been Messi’s cleat sponsor since 2006, and their relationship has only grown stronger over the years.

    As part of his endorsement deal, Messi not only wears Adidas cleats on the pitch but also appears in promotional campaigns, commercials, and branded content. His face is synonymous with the three stripes, and he plays a key role in the development and marketing of Adidas’ soccer footwear.

    The financial details of Messi’s Adidas contract are staggering. According to reports, he earns an estimated $25 million per year from his sponsorship, making him one of the highest-paid endorsers in sports.

    I once had the opportunity to attend an Adidas event where Messi made an appearance. Seeing him interact with the brand representatives and discuss his insights on cleat design, it was clear that this partnership is more than just a financial arrangement – it’s a true collaboration between an iconic player and a global footwear leader.

    As long as Messi continues to dazzle on the pitch and Adidas continues to innovate in the soccer cleat space, I expect this sponsorship to remain a key pillar of the sport for years to come. The symbiotic relationship between player and brand has elevated both to new heights.

    In conclusion, Lionel Messi’s Adidas cleats are more than just footwear – they are an extension of his brilliance and a symbol of his enduring partnership with the brand. From his early days in F50 boots to his current X Speedflow model, Messi and Adidas have pushed the boundaries of cleat technology and design.

    As a fan, I’ll always marvel at the way Messi’s feet move in his Adidas boots, dancing past defenders and scoring incredible goals. And as a collector, I’ll treasure every limited-edition release and signature colorway, knowing that they represent a piece of soccer history.

    Thank you for reading my in-depth look at Lionel Messi’s Adidas soccer cleats. I hope you found it informative and engaging, and that it gave you a new appreciation for the boots worn by one of the greatest players of all time.

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